Building React apps is about to get a lot more visual and intuitive with Codux – the IDE that allows you to design UIs visually using drag and drop components.

Codux provides a specialized coding environment for accelerating React development with features like:

  • Drag and drop editor to visually design responsive UIs
  • Visual state management for React
  • Built-in charts and data visualization
  • React component library with 100+ components
  • Collaborative project and feedback tools
  • One-click deployment directly from the IDE

Why Codux for React Development?

Codux streamlines the process of creating React interfaces and entire applications through its visual-first approach:

  • Speed – Compile interfaces faster by dragging ready components instead of coding everything.
  • Intuitive – Visually manage state and data instead of dense code. Design responsively across devices.
  • Collaboration – Get feedback and reviews on projects in one workspace.
  • Production Ready – Codux builds and bundles production-level code that can be deployed with one click.
  • Customizable – Extend with your own components. Dive into code when needed.

Start Building Faster

If you want to minimize repetitive coding and speed up developing React projects, interfaces, and proofs-of-concept, Codux is worth exploring.

Sign up for the generous free plan at and start building your next React app visually today.

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