Hey! We’re here to talk about something about the topic of Eco-friendly, and the main thing we focused on today is the “Pros and Cons of REUSING”. Reusing is been a recently viral topic around the world, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it! It’s amazing to see more and more people embracing the eco-friendly style. But everything has its own flaws, so that’s why I’m here to talk about it!

Let’s talk about the Pros of Reusing.

  • Reduce Waste : Reusing items can greatly reduce the wastes that end up in landfills, which is really really good for environment!
  • Reduce Energy consumption : Reusing the old item needs less energy than manufacture a new one, which can reduce lot of carbon dioxide produced.
  • Save money : Second-hand items usually come with lower price, you can save the earth and your wallet at the same time!
  • Supporting Local Businesses : Buying from thrift stores instead of Big brand Companies can really help Local Businesses growing!!

What about some cons? I think it’s all become a personal issue for cons, like sometimes homemade (reusing items) usually will need to cost more than you think if you buy them from Local businesses.

Here are some of the cons:

  • Hard to find the specific one : Everything can be reused, but is there anywhere you actually can use it? sometimes it’s quite hard to have a right on-the-spot one for your life needs.
  • It’s just not as good as the normal one : Some of the reused items are just like alternatives; maybe they can’t meet your expectations. The one that you can easily buy in Target maybe do better than reused one. Who’s knows?
  • Lifespan is usually short : Some of the reused items are old, and they may not help you for too long, Spending huge money to help the earth quickly becomes one of the garbage you don’t want to produce.

I think that’s all I can think about the pros and cons about reusing.

In my opinion, reusing is a really good idea, but I think it’s really conditional, some of the stuff you can keep reuse them, like plastic bottle, bag…. But NOT EVERYTHING, reusing something that not should meant to be will just produce more trash! Thanks for your reading 🙂